Every now and again it's good to spread your culinary wings! Try a different spice, an exotic ingredient or maybe a different cooking method. Let your table take you on a trip around the world. Clare and Ted love to throw international dinner parties. The guidelines are simple. First, choose a country; somewhere you have always wanted to visit. Plan a menu and let each guest know that they are responsible for one dish. Let them choose something they have never cooked before. This type of evening is easy on the budget and all it takes is a little communication, you don't want six moussakas for dinner! This type of party is especially fun for the kids. They can help prepare and decorate. It will also open broaden their palate and make them more culturally aware. All A Big Slice asks is that you slow down during dinner and savor the new tastes you've found.
A Big Slice is proud to present our very own wine tasting kit, the Bacchus Box, a complete evening of fun in one rosewood box! Challenge your friends to a taste off. May the best wine win! No one, not even the host, knows the identities of the selections. Observe, smell, taste, rank, vote. Was yours the nectar ...or the salad dressing? A relaxed and fun way to discover new favorites. And remember, there is always a next time with the Bacchus Box. Includes everything you need (except wine and glasses) and a free 12 minute instructional DVD. Great gift! To check out the Bacchus Box, click on the red bar above. A Big Slice is a very large website (including over 200 recipes!) that is organized thematically. But if you know what you are looking for, just click on the red bar above and it will take you to our search page. Type in the term, or recipe in the space provided and it will take you directly to that page. If any links appear to be broken, please let us know at:


Click above to return to the A Big Slice homepage. From there you will be able to visit our wine and international dinners sections. Plus we have a recipe and craft archive so you can quickly find what you are looking for. If it is contact information that you seek, that is also on the homepage - near the bottom. Thousands have already signed up for our newsletter. In 2009 we are focusing on the monthly holidays in a different way. How about a Mardi Gras Fais Do Do? Or a hearty St. Patrick's Day Irish Breakfast. We include holiday trivia and history, table settings, napkin folds and of course recipes. All we need is your email address. Click on the red bar above to sign up. Thank you!
Try your hand at cooking with a tagine, the name of the pot and the dish cooked in it. Our chicken tagine had preserved lemons and black olives - delicious! Plus we have a recipe for ksra, Moroccan bread that you will love. And we show you how the Moroccan tea ceremony mirrors life. This Brazilian meal is an exotic combination of Spanish, African and Portuguese cultures. First is feijoada, the national dish of Brazil. This black bean stew will stick to your ribs. The biggest surprse was the farofa made of toasted manioc flour. It would be a great side dish anytime. Top the meal off with Caipirinha, Brazil's answer to the margarita.
Thai cuisine is a subtle blend of herbs and spices, beatifully and delicately balanced. Our menu includes paht thai, rice noodles with a peanut sauce and tom kha gai, a coconut milk soup with shirmp that may just be the best soup ever! Sunday dinner in England is a meal most Americans will feel quite comfortable with. A tender and juicy roast with potatoes on the side. But the English also have Yorkshire pudding, a savory bread-like dish that is oven baked and amazing. Finish the meal off with a raspberry trifle.
Along with the usual international menus, A Big Slice wanted to try some often overlooked cultures as well. In the Basque region between Spain and France, their cuisine is quite original. Quail with chocolate sauce, white asparagus salad and leek soup. And for dessert? How about fried milk? Italian cuisine is America's best loved. And no wonder! We show you how to make your own pasta, and the difference will amaze you. Plus eggplant and prosciutto rolls, pasta stuffed tomatoes and espresso granita for dessert. Mangia!
South African cuisine is among the world's most diverse. We start the dinner with sosaties, marinated pork kebabs cooked over an open fire. The side consists of sweet potatoes fritters with raisins. Finally, a creamy, rich papaya custard for dessert. Many German dishes have become American staples. Try your hand at making pretzels. You can adjust the recipe to suit your taste, savory or sweet. Plus directions for homemade mustard to go with them. And a variation of the classic wiener schnitzel made with pork instead of veal.
Mediterranean cuisine is considered among the world's healthiest. Start the meal with stuffed grape leaves for an appetizer. Then serve the spinach pie known as spanikotiropita accompanied by moussaka with tzatiki. And you can't forget the balava for dessert. Mexican cuisine is much more than tacos and burritos. How about tasty chicken drumettes with mole sauce, squash fritters and jicama salad? And this is only the beginning. Two kinds of salsa and mangoritas keep the party going.
Russian cuisine has been greatly influenced by that of France as well as the Middle and Far East. Salat Olivier and Chicken Kotletki are examples of the former, and borscht and pierogi of the latter. This is definitely a meal to get you through the cold Russian winter. Sit down to and Irish breakfast and you won't be hungry all day long. Americans will recognize the eggs and sausage, but what about baked beans, rashers and black pudding? We show you show to prepare this decadent way to start your day.