Every now and again you really need to go all out. And that is exactly what A Big Slice does for New Year's. We have a seven course formal dinner with all of the recipes and wine suggestions. There is an elegant napkin fold and directions on how to set a formal table. Clare and Ted also tell you how to get your friends to pitch in, making this over the top evening a show stopper. Break out the red, white and blue get ready for a wonderful Fourth of July Cookout. It took some cajoling, but Clare finally revealed her recipe for baby back ribs. They are incredible. We have a simple to make napkin ring craft that completes the patriotic look. Plus some tips for picnic safety, grilling 101 and a little fireworks trivia to impress your friends.
There is a cajun tradition where farmers travel from house to house collecting ingredients for a massive pot of gumbo. The stew was cooked, stomachs filled and the entire town danced the night away to zydeco. Sounds like a Mardi Gras plan. We also show you how to make your own Mardi Gras Masks. With our recipes for beignets and a king cake, you'll think you were in beautiful New Orleans just in time for Carnival! In Spain, August is the month for La Tomatina, a tomato battle that occurs every year in the street of Valencia. Although we won't be throwing tomatoes, this section does everything else. There are great recipes and information on tomatoes and your health. And you won't want to miss our list of the Top 10 Tastiest Tomatoes!
St. Patrick's Day is a time to celebrate Irish culture and its influence on America. But we wanted to do something other than the typical corned beef and cabbage. How about an Irish breakfast? This hearty meal includes eggs, rashers, porridge, grilled tomatoes and soda bread. Undo your belt because that's just the beginning! One of the best ways to learn about wine is to host a blind wine tasting party. Everyone brings over a bottle, you bag them up and serve them so know one knows which wine they are tasting. We show you how to plan this economical evening using our Bacchus Box.
Easter is spring. It is all about rebirth and renewal. This is a great time to be together with family and focus on tradition, or start some new traditions of your own. And by the way, Easter baskets are not just for the young ones. We show you how to makes egg shaped soaps and polymer clay covered eggs that will have the adults on the hunt as well. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. On October 31 you get to become you alter ego, play scary tricks and ridiculous costumes. We have some great recipes like red velvet ghoul cakes, plus decorating ideas and interresting Halloween trivia.
Cinco de Mayo has become a bigger celebration in the U.S. than in its native Mexico. It is filled with art, music, parades and of course food. This menu is unbelievable and includes everything from jicama salad to ceviche. Plus how to decorate your party with big bold colorful tissue flowers. Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. All of the food and none of the gifts! What's not to love. We have all of the traditional favorites as well as directions on how to brine a turkey. Plus greet your guests with a sparkling aperitif, and create a beautiful centerpiece. This will be a Thanksgiving you won't soon forget.
June is the month of romance. A June bride means a June Anniversary. Spend the day together creating this amazingly romantic Italian dinner. Shop for the freshest ingredients, make your own pasta (you won't believe the difference), and set the table with loves notes dedicated to that special someone. The holidays are a hectic time. There are parties to attend, guests to be hosted and presents to be wrapped. There is a lot of time and energy left to host a big dinner. So what about a simple, but elegant holiday luncheon? We have some great recipes and decorating ideas. Plus a Christmas tree napkin fold. Happy holidays!