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make your own wine stoppers
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vinicode™ wine reviews We've been buying these bottle stoppers as gifts from shops for a few years now, and they can get expensive. So we set out to learn how to make our own, and it is very easy.
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You will need drawer pulls or lamp finials and matching threaded bolts (from most hardware or decorating stores), corks (from craft stores or kitchen specialty shops), strong glue, a drill, a pencil or marker, a C-clamp, and a hacksaw.


If you're buying lamp finials, be sure to ask for threaded bolts the right size. Drawer and cabinet pulls come with their own, but unless you buy headless bolts for them, you'll need to remove the heads with a hacksaw. (We prefer this method because it creates stronger toppers. But if you would rather, you can simply glue the pull or finial directly onto the cork.)


On each cork, mark the center of the wide end with a marker or pencil. Gently clamp the cork in a C-clamp, using enough pressure to make sure the cork won't move when drilling. Using a drill bit barely smaller than the threaded bolt, drill a hole half-way down the cork's center, being careful to hold the drill very straight.


Glue one end of the threaded bolt into the pull or finial. Allow to dry according to instructions on the glue you're using. Be creative with your toppers. There are so many great finials and pulls bneing made now that the options are almost endless.

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