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vinicode™ wine reviews These flowers are great for any occasion that you would like to make a little more colorful. Choose colors that match your celebration: red and green for Christmas, pastels for Easter, spooky orange and black for Halloween. This is a wonderful project for kids, and a great way to keep them occupied if they're so rambunctious that you're glad you have cheap home insurance!
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At least 12 sheets of various colored tissue paper, aproximately 18" x 24", small wooden dowel (we used the 36" long ones, but the length is up to you, rubberbands.


Place 12 sheets of tissue flat on a table with a long side close to you. Begin accordion folding all of the sheets together all the way to the other side. Fold in half around the wooden dowel and loop a rubber band aroung the sheets to hold them in place.


Begin creasing the sheets about 1 inch from the edge. This should hold the sheets open in a big circle. It will look like a lily pad.


Now take the top sheet and carefully begin pulling it up toward the center. The paper is delicate and it will tear.


Work all the way around on the top sheet before starting the next sheet down.


Continue with the remaining sheets pulling them up toward the center.


The flower should begin to take shape. Play with it until you a happy with your creation.

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