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thai dinner
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Subtlety and balance are the hallmarks of Thai cuisine. There are five fundamental flavors in harmony: spicy hot, sour, sweet, salty and bitter. A Thai meal is typically made up of several complementary dishes served at the same time, rather than in courses.


We have never been to Thailand. But when watching the travel shows, it seems so exotic, a country flowing with vibrant reds and golds. The table was a reflection of this gorgeous richness.

As with most Asain cuisines, rice is a staple and the sweet smelling jasmine rice is indigenous to Thailand. Rice noodles are also popular and paht thai is a favorite all over the world. As with most sophisticated cuisines, there are regional variations to almost every recipe but typical ingredients include garlic, galangal (similar to ginger, but with a citrus-y taste), ginger, thai basil, eggplants and coconut milk.

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Thai food has become so popular lately, and for good reason. The tastes and unique and delicious. But not for everyone! Make sure your guest list contains "spice hounds" who don't mind a little heat. In Thailand curries are meat or vegetable dishes in a spiced sauce. They are often described by color: red curries use red chilis and green curries use green chilis. Yellow curries are similar to the Indian kind using turmeric and cumin.
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