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"O'zapft is," cries the Mayor of Munich! "The keg is tapped!" These words open what has become one of the largest folk festivals in the world. During the 16 days of Oktoberfest, Munich greets six million visitors and this capital of Bavaria also assumes the title as the capital of revelry. In just over two weeks, five million liters of beer are drunk. Quite a celebration for the wedding of a king who lived almost 200 years ago!
Here are some eye-opening Oktoberfest statistics: visitors - 6 to 7 million, gallons of beer consumed - 1.5 million, oxen roasted - 88, sausages eaten - 440,000, chickens roasted - 460,000! Now this is a celebration. On October 12, 1810, Bavaria's Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese on the meadow in Munich named in her honor, Theresienwiese. In an effort to rally national pride, the soon-to-be King invited all of the citizens to partake in the celebrations. The comingling of royalty and peasant was not an everyday occurance, but Ludwig knew the quickest way to the hearts of the people was through their livers, and Oktoberfest became an annual celebration marking the marriage of the King and his Princess.
The fine for stealing a souvenir Oktoberfest mug? $60. Visitors are asked to keep their receipts as police are on the look out for stolen beer mugs.
Like Ludwig, the heart of Oktoberfest resides in Bavaria and it is seen as an opportunity for this part of Southern Germany to shine. Local costumes, dances, and artisans are featured. And above it all waves the beautiful blue and white diamonds of the Bavarian flag.
The largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany is in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. Cincinnati holds the largest event in the United States.
the mix:
German food can be heavy and filling. And some of the tastes are not for everyone. So make sure that all of your guest understand the menu. You might also want to let everyone know that beer tasting is an integral part of the fun! This is a great evening to get together with the neighbors. Only wars and pestilence have stopped this festival from taking place. However, Mother Nature saw to it that Oktoberfest should be moved to warmer September. Trying to race the coming cold weather, the 16 days of festivities close on the first Sunday in October, ushering in the quiet solitude of Hangoverfest!
Please enjoy our takes on some traditional German fare: wiener schnitzel, pretzels, sauerkraut, and linzer cookies. Dress up your table for fall with our autumn leaf placemats. Beautiful and easy! And finally, try these delicious dishes with some riesling. A wonderful and surprising white wine.
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