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moroccan dinner
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The cuisine of Morocco is considered one of the world's most diverse. Influences include native Berber, Andalusian cuisine brought by the Moors when they left Spain, Middle Eastern and Turkish sources from the Arabs as well as Jewish styles. One signature characteristic of Moroccan cuisine is cooking fruit with meat. The country is blessed with large quantities of sheep, poultry, fish and cattle. Combine this with the extensive use of spices and it is easy to understand the uniqueness of Moroccan dishes. Spices commonly used in food preparation are cumin, turmeric, ginger, coriander and saffron.

For our Moroccan dinner, we tried to capture the beauty of Islamic tiles is a covering we made for the table. We simply took a piece of canvas and painted the design right on it. Then we sealed the covering with 4 coats of urethane to protect it and make it waterproof.

A tagine is the name of a dish as well as the pot in which it is cooked. Traditionally tagines are slow cooked at low temperatures giving the meat a fall-off-of-the-bone texture. All of the ingredients meld together into one aromatic explosion! If you have never tried using a tagine you are in for a treat! It is the perfect pot for two person meals.

the mix:
This is a meal for the adventurous. The flavors and spicy and very different from what is generally considered "western tastes". This is also a chance to show off your skill with the tagine - the middle eastern crock pot. The most popular drink in Morocco is green tea made with mint. Making the tea is considered an art and great care is taken with the preparation and serving. We have included the recipe for the tea as well as the meaning for each service.
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