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Traditionally, mint tea is brewed in small brass pots and drunk in glasses that are approximately 3 inches tall (you can use any liqueur glasses). To make three servings, fill a small pot half way with green tea leaves. Add two cups of boiling water, shake for a moment and then pour away the water, being careful to leave the tea in the container. This is the washing of the tea.

Now add several sprigs of mint to the container along with 10 teaspoons of sugar. Pour in three cups of boiling water. Let steep for a moment, then pour from the pot to the glasses.

Repeat the process twice more for each subsequent serving, adding additional sugar and water but no more tea. At the end everyone will have had three glasses, each milder than the one before.

The first glass is like life, bitter; the second is like love, sweet; and the third is like death, gentle.

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