When it comes to the art of mask-making we were overwhelmed by the thousands of ideas out there - different traditions, unusual styles, and unique materials were everywhere. We knew that for our event we needed to be practical and stick with things anyone could work with and enjoy right away.

Any of you who are into crafting may have many of these items already on hand. But even it you don't the supplies are affordable and the process is very simple. All of these particular masks start with the basic Lone Ranger style face mask and build from there.

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Everyone will need pre-made, Lone Ranger style eye-masks, along with styrofoam plates, several pieces of card stock, glue (we used both "Tacky" Glue which is quite stiff and a hot glue gun), "Mod Podge" (or other decoupage medium for adhering the glitter), glitter (and lots of it, we used red, gold, yellow and black), beads, feathers in Mardi Gras colors, pipe cleaners and scissors. We found feathers, beads, sequins, pipecleaners, and lots more at the store. For additional inspiration and materials look in junk drawers, closet shelves, the broken-toy box. Recycle!

For this mask, cut a long triangle out of card stock. Fold the triangle in half down its length. Attach this "beak" right over the nose mound of the mask with hot glue. Before you add anything else, paint the mask with Mod Podge - small sections at a time so it does not dry out. Then sprinkle on the glitter. Do this over another piece of paper so that you can return the excess glitter to its bottle. Allow the glitter to completely dry. Cutting off 2 small lengths of beads, attach them with hot glue as eyebrows. Now, using Tacky Glue add the feathers, using the beads to hold them in place. (the hot glue made too big of a mess with the feathers so we opted for the Tacky glue)
Take two styrofoam plates and cut off the raised rims. On one of the plates, draw the pinchers or the mouth. Remember to add a tab at the top so you can glue it to the mask. Now place that plate on top of the other and hold them firmly as you cut out the pinchers - now you have two identical sides. Hot glue the pinchers in place. The antennae are just pipe cleaners with a plastc bead on the end. Don't use anything too heavy or the antennae will sag and weigh the mask down. They are also hot glued to the back of the mask. I found a set of beads that had the crown on it, so I glued it to the center, but you can easily cut out your own from the plates and glitter it gold. I put black glitter on the pinchers, with Mod Podge, and hot glued a strand of gold beads around the edge of the mask.
Cut a pie shaped wedge, all the way to the center, out of the styrofoam plate, wide enough for your nose to fit in. Hot glue the mask in place matching the nose mound to the cut out. Then using the Mod Podge, apply section by section, adding yellow glitter to the entire front of the plate. Allow to dry. With a pen, trace around the eye holes into the styrofoam plate. If you press hard enough the pen will do the cutting for you and the eye holes will pop out. The rays of the sun are just slightly curved pie shaped wedges from two other styrofoam plates. They were then hot glued around the edge of the mask and glittered gold. Green beads were added around the Lone Ranger mask. The lips were an afterthought and are not necessary if you want your mouth to show. They are also cut from a styrofoam plate and glittered.
This is the simplest of all. A gold Lone Ranger mask was painted with Mod Podge and completely glittered red. Allow to dry. The eyebrows are just black beads that have been hot glued into place. The horns were cut from a styrofoam plate and attached to the back of the mask, then glittered black. The red beads around the mask were hot glued last.