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vinicode™ wine reviews These handpainted plates are a great way to liven up any occasion. They make great placecards, just add a name to the center; gifts, decorate for you guests; or souvenirs, make memories for every event; and they are very easy to make.
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You'll need ceramic plates, Porcelaine brand ceramic paints (both brush-on and paint pens), brushes, pencils. If you use a brand other than Porcelaine, please check the label to make sure it is non-toxic and dishwasher safe.


Wash plates and remove any price tags or stickers. Sketch your designs onto the plates using a pencil. You can also transfer drawings using carbon paper.


Following the directions on the Porcelaine label, paint your designs. The first coat may look a little rough and spotty, but let it dry and you can go over it with a second coat. Until the paint is baked on, you can correct any mistakes by washing the paint off the plate.


After the paint is dry, you can use the paint pens to add outlines and highlights and finer details. If you don't consider yourself an artist, simply write on the plates. Try E Pluribus Unum, Stars and Stripes Forever, Home of the Brave, or write the menu or the recipes of the dishes you're serving. Personalize each plate for your guests, or let your guests decorate their own plate. This is a great craft for kids, with adult supervision.


In order for these plates to be used with food, the paint MUST be baked in the oven following the manufacturer's directions on the label. After baking, they last for years. Even through the dishwasher.

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