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Brazilian Dinner
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Brazilian Cuisine:

The cuisine of Brazil is truly multi-ethnic with three main influences; the native indians, the Portuguese conquerors, and the African slaves who were brought to Brazil from West Africa to work the sugar cane fields. Non-native cultures brought certain spices and styles of preparation with them and then adapted their dishes to local ingredients. But the Africans had the strongest overall influence on what is considered Brazilian cuisine. Later groups of European immigrants including the Germans, Italians and Poles as well as Japanese also played a minor role in the Brazilian style of cooking.

The main meal is served in the middle of the day and is called almoco. This is also a remnant of the slave era when workers needed a hearty meal to keep up their strength. Now, however, this large lunch is generally topped off with a nap!

Feijoada is a mixture of black beans and pork and is considered the national dish of Brazil. It has been adopted by all of the cultural regions and as such there are literally hundreds of variations.


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