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Basque Dinner
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The Basque Cuisine:

The Basque is known as Euskal Herria to it's inhabitants. This region in the Pyranees Mountains encompasses three provinces of France and four of Spain. They are an ancient culture believed to have occupied this region since prehistoric times.

Basque cuisine is not flamboyant but it does emphasize perfectly cooked meals that are fresh and seasonal. Food is so important in this society that gastronomic "clubs" where men meet to cook, exist throughout the country.

A strong maritime tradition has made seafood one of the mainstays of Basque cuisine. With little pasture land meat is excellent but not plentiful. So the diet is often supplemented with wild game. Chorizo is common as well as potatoes, leeks, white beans and asparagus.

To sample Basque cuisine is to sample a hearty and delicious homestyle meal.


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